We Offer the following Art Services

Hand-painted Mural and Art Finishes

Custom Private Homes Interiors and Commercial Properties:

  • Hand-Painted Wall Murals (on location or canvas)
  • Faux Stone, Brick and Wood
  • Trompe L’Oeil (French for “trick the eye”)
  • Marbleization (painted to look like real textured marble)

We create scenes, illusions and decorative finishes for:

  • Custom Kitchens
  • Pool & Spa Areas
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Backyard Outdoor Scenic Retaining Walls
  • Recessed Niches
  • Sky Ceilings

Styles range from realism, to contemporary and cartooning.
All work is preceded with a personalized rendering of the space. So there are no surprises.

Using mixed media and 3-D Sculpting, from realism to contemporary.
Imagine your own view of Tuscany…

Gallery Artwork

Jeff Lewis Photo Art Prints
a unique original style of photography that is extremely contemporary. It is a mix of graphic and photo, almost painting-like.

Patti Lewis Original Paintings and Prints

Custom Framing Available.

Please feel free to request an in-home consultation, at no charge.
Email Jeff at jeff@LewisArtServices.com
Email Patti at patti@LewisandLewisArtisticEndeavors.com

Or call (702) 579-5405‬.